Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NOTD: The Polish that Started It All

I've been obsessed with nail polish for around 3 years now, and I have to thank this nail polish for it: O.P.I's 20 Candles on my Cake

I still remember going to the Philippines and getting my first manicure. When I came back from the Philippines, I love the color so much that I wanted to be able to have the same color on again if I wanted to. I definitely hesitated when I bought this because I thought $8 was so much for a nail polish, but finally gave into my first O.P.I nail polish, and the beginning of my nail polish addiction. I actually don't hear about this nail polish enough...or even at all: it is so under hyped! 

On my nails I have O.P.I: 20 Candles On my Cake minus my accent nail ring finger, which I have American Apparel's Rouge because of course I love something different on my accent nail. 
I wanted to spice it up with a a glitter tip, so I used China Glaze: Techno.
my first and possible favorite nail polish :) 
What do you think about this color? What is the nail polish that started your obsession?

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