Monday, May 20, 2013

NOTD: Deviantly Darling & Yodel Me on My Cell

I don't think I've been excited about an untried nail polish in I don't know how long! I'm definitely someone that prefers cream finishes over any other kinds just because its the easiest to apply and looks sophisticated, but after putting this polish on....oh my, I may have to change my mind. 

I've had China Glaze Deviantly Darling for around 9 months. I bought this because I thought the color was gorgeous, but didn't wear it for some time, and left to go to Europe for half a year, and when I came back from Europe, the finish just didn't really appeal to me. And today, I finally got myself to wear it just because I was going through my nail polish stash and trying to wear colors that I haven't before...and I'm so glad I did, because I'm absolutely loving it! 

As I was going through my stash, I was trying to see if something similar compared to Deviantly Darling, and I took out O.P.I Yodel Me on My Cell. It looks somewhat similar, but Yodel Me on My Cell is bit more blue and Deviantly Darling is more green. Both are gorgeous though! 
Deviantly Darling & Yodel Me on My Cell (ring finger) 
I actually can't believe I like this combo so much! I will definitely be wearing soon!! I would definitely recommend both these colors, but I'm pretty sure (not 100% sure) that China Glaze Deviantly Darling is  discontinued, but Yodel Me on My Cell is very close and may be easier to get. 

What do you think? 

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