Thursday, May 9, 2013

NOTD: Greycian Goddess & Recycle

I was taking off my last manicure, and I thought it was amusing to take a picture of my foiled nails :P . But seriously, I forgot about the foil method for quite some time. I've been taking glittered manicures off by just rubbing my fingers raw which made me not hate the idea of glitters because of it. But I remembered this method right as I was going to take it off, and decided to give a try, and I appreciate this SOO much more! 
I wanted to go for a more settle look today so I went through my stash and since I haven't worn these two nail polish in ages, I decided to pull them out and wear them. 

On all my nails except the accent (ring) nail, I have on Loreal's Greycian Goddess and on my accent nail I have on China Glaze Recycle. I really like them both! Greycian Goddess has a purple undertone and Recycle is a bit warmer, but loving this mani!
What do you think?

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